What Is Nightcore?

If you’re like any normal person, you’ll probably start listening to music from all different kinds of genres on an almost daily basis. Well I’m not like other people, so when I listen to different types of music I make sure it’s only good music. This was a somewhat exception. You see I often find myself cruising the hip and very quality app TikTok quite a bit, and something I first noticed was that a lot of videos had a popular song that was sped up and made to feel sort of… animeish. That got me thinking, what do you actually call this kind of music? And a simple Google search brought up from the ashes of mediocrity one name, Nightcore.

What Is Nightcore?

Nightcore is a type of music that takes other songs and speeds them up, usually from 10-30%. It is technically a remix of the original song that it’s speeding up, Nightcore is still considered unique enough to be it’s own music genre.

Who Invented Nightcore?

Two Norweign boys by the names of Thomas S. Nilsen and Steffen Ojala Søderholm had a school project in which they were assigned to mix up audio to their liking. Thomas and Steffen decided to simply take a couple of existing songs that they liked and speed them up to make them sound different, yet recognizable, and there you go! Nightcore was born!

What Are Some Popular Nightcore Songs?

  • Angel With A Shotgun
  • Take A Hint
  • This Little Girl
  • Just A Dream
  • Demons
  • Hall of Fame
  • Dollhouse
  • How To Be A Heartbreaker
  • Centuries
  • God Is A Girl

So there you have it, one of the next “evolution” in the musical genre. While it may still be emerging, it’s received very high praise from anime weebs everywhere, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down! So what do you think? Will Nightcore become a prominent genre among the music industry as a whole, or will it just wither and disappear? Or just sort of stay the same? Or slightly fade then come back to prominence? Then possibly fade back again? Okay, you get it. Just let me know what you think.