Where Have We Been?

If you’ve been keeping up with our website at all over the past year you’ve probably noticed our lack of activity in everything from our post output to YouTube upload (note that that’s singular, not plural). There’s a few things on our part that we have to say about that, the first one being why are you keeping up with a dead blog? We appreciate the gesture, but I don’t know, go rollerblading or something. The second thing is that we are no longer a dead blog/website! Starting about a three months ago I (Joseph) added a new member to the team (Tyler), doubling our team member numbers and making it so that I don’t really have to do any work anymore! Alright, alright, so what has actually changed?

We Gave The Website A Complete Makeover

As you can probably already tell if you were following us on the old website, we have completely redone it with the new design. We switched from Wordpress to Jekyll as far as hosting our website goes, and with that went out the old theme and came in with the new. We personally like it better, and think it cleans up a lot of the mess of the old website.

We Expanded The Team

Initially it was just Joseph (me) and Google running the website. Due to my lack of website running experience and a little bit of laziness, things didn’t run so well initially in everything from optimization to blog post output. Over the past few months I’ve met someone that I’m proud to call both a friend and business partner, and gladly welcomed him onto the team (mainly because he actually knows what he’s doing with the website, but I’ll just act like it’s the friendship part). As of right now this second, he’s more focused on the backend of things, but that might be changing soon (depending on what mood I’m in is what that really means).

We Have Big Plans Going Forward

We’re already in the process of consistently making changes to the website and are already looking to introduce brand new features and such to not only the website, but our brand as a whole! Now no, I can’t really speak on anything particular at the moment, but I promise things are coming! We also have plans to keep the YouTube channel coming out with videos at at least a somewhat decent pace, so be on the lookout for everything.

I hope that what we have to offer is as exciting to you as it is to us, and if not then oh well, thanks for reading our updates anyways! If you have any suggestions, complaints, or just want to reach out and say hey, we greatly appreciate that and you can always do so in our contact page. Until next time, stay safe and chill.