Where to Find LoFi Music?

With all the resources at our fingertips in today’s age, it can be slightly daunting to know where exactly to look for the best place to listen and discover new lofi music. That’s why we have gone ahead and done the work for your lazy self. Take a look below to see some good places to search for lofi music.

Spotify - This music giant has just about every type of music you can think of, and is a great place to see all sorts of popular lofi.

Soundcloud - While Spotify is great for mainstream lofi, Soundcloud is great for more indie and upcoming artists.

YouTube - Woah, who would have ever guessed that the website that has literally everything on it would have lofi? Well with YouTube you’re getting the best of both worlds in that you can listen to indie/upcoming artists and mainstream too. The obvious downside being that unless you have YouTube premium you can’t listen to the music without the app/website being pulled up.

Bandcamp - Bandcamp is great because it allows you to buy directly from the artists themselves and thus support them. They have free music on there, as well as paid music to support the artist.

Those are the main sources for you to enjoy lofi on, while I’m sure that there are more out there, those should suffice for the average chill-hop listener’s needs. What are some of the ways that you prefer listening to lofi? Let us know in the comments below!