At LoFi Online we are about bringing you the best and most up to date content about the lofi genre, and genres relating to it. Whether you’re an avid listener, someone who is just checking it out, or you have no idea what lofi actually is, we’ve got information for you!

The Team

Joseph Jordan

“I intend to live forever. So far, so good.” — Steven Wright

Joseph founded LoFi Online back in July of 2019, but due to his lazy nature he didn’t do anything with it until more recently. He now writes most of the content while still retaining his lazy nature, and putting all the actual work on other people. After learning and listening to LoFi, he was surpirsed to see that there wasn’t a website dedicated to the genre, and thus LoFi Online was born. He enjoys playing video games, holding unpopular opinions, and of course, listening to lofi.

Tyler Yale

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need… roads!” — Dr. Emmett Brown

Tyler joined LoFi Online in April of 2020 with the intention of using his “skills” as a programmer to improve the site and help it become successful. We have yet to see any improvement. Staying hopeful, Tyler continues to learn and improve his skills to further the site and make Joseph’s life easier. Tyler is currently in college getting his degree in computer science. You can usually catch him playing video games, listening to music, or spending an absurd amount of money on custom mechanical keyboards.