What Are Some Popular LoFi Artists?

For every musical genre there has to be someone producing the music (I know, shocker), and out of all of the artists that produce music for a genre there are bound to be some that are better than others. It’s a well known fact fact that The Beatles are much more popular than City and Colour, but that doesn’t make them an objectively better band. That right is reserved for Milli Vanilli. But even though we as a society tend to hold lofi in an almost god-like status when comparing it to other types of music(or maybe just a few of us… Okay, actually it’s just me.). But even though everyone is entitled to their (sometimes wrong) opinion, there will always be certain artists that many regard as being the best of the best, or simply better than the rest. As someone who casually listens to lofi, here are some different types of lofi artists and what to expect when you listen to them.

Who are some popular LoFi artists?

Popular lofi artists are artists who are frequently listened to and regarded as “good” in the lofi community.



In Love With A Ghost

Who are some classic LoFi artists?

Classic artists are those who helped define and shape the genre into what it is today.

R. Stevie Moore



What makes a LoFi artist good?

While this really comes down to personal preference, a couple of things that I’ve noticed that make lofi artists particularly appealing is how well the mixture of beats flow together, and how chill the song can make you feel. So the first reason is pretty obvious. You can’t really have a great song if it doesn’t even flow together, and that means that despite all of the random beats taken from different places, they should all find a way to somehow compliment each other. The second reason is just a very common theme that I’ve noticed throughout reading lofi video comments, forums, and because I just like to think so, but a very common feeling that lofi is suppose to give off is the feeling of chilled out, laid back, vibes. A big portion (at least 1%) of all lofi listeners listen to lofi simply for the fact that it evokes a sort of chilled, laid back vibe. It’s the same reason that you can watch a really crappy movie and still like it due solely to the fact that you used to watch it as a kid, looking at you Gremlins 2.